Channel Blinds

Channel blinds are super easy to use, plus with the range of colours and styles that we have available, they will look fantastic in your home. From blinds that offer privacy and shade from the sun to blackout blinds that block light completely, we have the options you are looking for.

With our channel blinds, the blind fabric is held in place by a channel. This channel then guides the blinds when you are opening and closing them, making them easy to use.

It also means you can open the blinds to any height where they will lock firmly into place wherever you need them too. In addition, our channel blinds don’t rattle or move in the wind.

Standard options are operated manually but you can choose motorized channel blinds too for added convenience and ease of use.

Why Choose Channel Blinds from Galaxy Home Décor

  • Our channel blinds are manufactured from high-quality materials
  • We have a range of style and colour options to choose from, including blackout blinds and blinds with insulating properties
  • You’ll get excellent customer service and reliability from our team as well as high-quality workmanship
  • Our blinds look fantastic and they deliver long-lasting performance

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