There are a number of things you should consider when deciding on a new canopy for your home. This includes the functionality of the canopy – will you be able to use the canopy how you want to use it. The design is important too, plus it has to be durable. When you get a gutter outside straight canopy from Galaxy Home Décor, you will get all this and more.

If you are looking for a gutter Outside Straight canopy for your residential or commercial needs, we have got the solution for you. The customization options include how the canopy is supported. We can supply a canopy that is free-standing where the canopy is supported by aluminum pillars that are concreted into the ground. Alternatively, we can also design and install the canopy with one side supported by pillars and the other sides mounded to the wall of the building. The length and width of the canopy can be customized too, but if the canopy is wider than 4-meters we will need to add additional support beam & pillars. Getting a straight-roofed canopy from Galaxy Home Décor will mean you can enjoy your outside spaces with an overhang of 500mm.

Features of Our Straight Canopy

  • The length and width are fully customizable according to your requirements.
  • Our straight canopy providing innovative guttering solutions
  • Canopies that are built from high-quality, weather-resistant and durable long-lasting materials, including rust-free Aluminum Alloy (A6063)
  • We use polycarbonate sheets for the roof (99% UV protected) which is available in various colors to suit your home.

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